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Kazunari Sakai
Gilles Ferragu


Kobe University, Kobe, Japan
University of Paris Nanterre, Paris, France


The Mediterranean Sea is recognized by France as the most important adjacent area and also the gate to Africa, France’s vast sphere of influence beyond the Mediterranean. The political turmoil here since the Arab Spring has begun, especially emergence of a flood of refugees coming to the EU, was a serious problem for France. The current situation of EU, which is shaken over the acceptance of immigrants and refugees, is grave for France, having a strategic pillar which is to raise the own presence in global politics by obtaining the leadership in the EU. France sets out to put the migration and refugee issues to rest, to maintain EU’s political power and to seize the initiative in the EU. This article will analyze such a national strategy of France focusing on the process from Chirac’s administration to Macron’s


France, diplomacy, EU, migration, Mediterranean

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