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Tugrul Tansug1, Elif Taskin2, Eray Kurt2 and Meltem Elitas2


1. General Surgeon, Adatip Istanbul Private Hospital, Istanbul 34912, Turkey
2. Mechatronics Program, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Istanbul 34956, Turkey


This study presents a design of a multifunctional laparoscopic appendectomy device that includes three surgical instruments commonly used in laparoscopic appendicitis surgeries:endoloop, endobag and scissors. It collects these threeindependent surgical tools in a single laparoscopic appendectomy device. These days there is a trend of moving to multi-functional surgery devices during minimally invasive surgery. The main reasons behind the minimal invasive surgery are to avoid changing the devices several times during the operation, to reduce the time spent in operation, to increase the efficiency of the operation, to facilitate the follow-up of the camera and devices, and to leave trocars to be used for other surgical instruments. The multi-functional appendectomy device that, we present here, provides these benefits. The standard trocar entries are appropriate for its usage. The presented multifunctional laparoscopic appendectomy device offers more practical use in comparison to individual devices. On the other hand, development of these multi-functional surgery devices can be directly enhanced to the robotic surgery devices.


Apendectomy, multi-functional, laparoscopy, SolidWorks, surgery.

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