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Kristofer Leach and Rodion Groll


Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity, University of Bremen, Bremen 28359, Germany


This paper describes the design of a new kind of miniature abrading sphere, which is magnetically mounted inside a spherical gap and set in rotation pneumatically with air. Large eddy simulation is performed in conjunction with the compressible Smagorinsky model. Minimal temperature variation allows for the assumption of adiabatic walls. Fluid-solid interaction is modeled using the law of the wall for compressible turbulent flow. A parametric study is done to determine optimal geometric layout while taking physical restrictions into account. The resulting optimal configuration is then examined in detail in order to determine demands to be met by the computerized control of the magnetic bearing as well as to quantify the force available to the abrasion process. Finally, a mathematical relation is given that determines available abrasion force depending on standard volumetric flow rate and rotation frequency. The findings presented here provide a basis for further development of smaller versions of the tool.


CFD, compressible large eddy simulation, fluid-solid interaction, miniature-grinding tools, OpenFOAM.

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