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Wojciech Bartłomiej Zieliński



Our studies about safety in society lead us to the most popular book by Karl Mannheim: Ideology and Utopia. This work envisages the discrepancies between social knowledge and the material world itself. The crucial conclusion reads as follows: Our image of reality is mostly based on our interests and desires and does not rely on thorough research. There are two types of such representations: utopia and ideology. The first of them, less interesting for us, is the type of ideas which can revolutionize a social being. The second one is a particular set of visions which can never be realized but on the other hand they act as common knowledge (general knowledge of the world)—stabilizing the social structure by presenting it with a holistic image of the world. Taking the above into consideration, how is it possible that representations, being so distant from reality (creating a completely separate “world”), basically enable efficient functioning in it? Ideology, being the foundation of the society’s functioning space, should always be tautological, in the sense that for the participants of the given world’s image (creation as it is), it should define the being in a comprehensive and adequate way (in Thomas Aquinas spirit). What is more, it would always be true. We should also mention that the main tools of ideology, understood this way, are specific definitions and the extrapolation of sense. The purpose of this lecture is to prove that it is possible for ideology to come to life, only when the individuals who acknowledge it will consider their image of reality proper. The above ideological system should be understood as the obviousness of description of the surrounding world which in return makes unreflective functioning in reality possible. This obviousness of the presented world will be referred to as social safety.


ideology, safety, knowledge, epistemology, Karl Mannheim, Karol Marx, linguistics

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