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Umo Uju Clara


University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria


This paper sought to identify the position of Igbo language in relation to its identity both in Nigeria and world wide. Specifically, it expounded the problems hindering the study of Igbo language. A study of Igbo language and identity is pertinent because language and culture are attached to man’s identity and human interaction. Unfortunately, most of the Igbos do not want to be identified with this language called Igbo. The paper reviewed available literature on Igbo language and highlighted some strategies for increasing the interest of people in learning Igbo language. It was discovered from the study that pedagogical problems, tone problems, orthography, and diacritic problems, are some of the issues that inhibit the repositioning of Igbo language as Igbo man’s identity. In view of this, it was recommended among others that Igbo linguist should try and document all the slight phonological and word differences existing in the dialects and absorb them in central Igbo.


identity, culture, language, dialectics, pedagogy, mother tongue, orthography, policy

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