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Juliana Aparecida Fracarolli, Inácio Maria Dal Fabbro and Ingrid Nehmi de Oliveira


School of Agricultural Engineering, University of Campinas, Campinas, SP 13083-875, Brazil


In this paper, it suggested the selection of papayas by image processing employing low-cost equipment for data acquisition. This may allow the process automation selection and classification of agricultural products for small farmers or small traders. The objective of this work was to evaluate two papaya varieties (“Solo” and “Formosa”) using image programs for selection of miscellaneous format detection and fruit mapping coloration. The experiment occurred at an optic laboratory and it used a diffused light, camera, computer and papaya fruits, and for image processing, the ImageJ software, in addition to computer programs that have been developed for image processing. The detection of varied sizes and the fruit classification by mapping color were conducted using the software. The program for evaluating the two varieties format worked with 100% of the fruits and the one for mapping coloration with 80% correct results. These results showed that the program had low error and could be used for fruit selection.


Fruit classification, image processing, machine vision, quality.

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