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Keita Sugiura, Masahiro Arakawa and Naoto Yokoi



The prediction of the behavior of people in a disaster has a useful role to play in the design of urban structures such as department stores, schools, and office buildings. We focus on using emergency exit signs to effectively guide the evacuation of people on a floor with a dynamically changing layout. A multi-agent simulation is developed to simulate the behavior of evacuees on a floor. A mathematical model is constructed to obtain optimal sign locations to efficiently assist evacuation under the condition that obstacles are dynamically generated on the floor. The optimal sign locations are calculated by the mathematical model. Then, the developed simulation is performed to evaluate the effectiveness of the emergency exit signs and the behavior of evacuees on simple layout models using the calculated optimal sign locations.


Multi-agent simulation, emergency exit sign system, dynamically changing floor layout, mathematical model, optimal location of exit sign.

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