Surround Sensation Index Based on Differential S-IACF for Listener Envelopment with Multiple Sound Sources -David Publishing Company
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Masato Nakayama1, Kota Nakahashi2, Yukoh Wakabayashi2 and Takanobu Nishiura1


1. College of Information Science and Engineering. Ritsumeikan University, Shiga, Japan
2. Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering. Ritsumeikan University, Shiga, Japan


LEV (Listener envelopment), which corresponds to surround sensation with independent direct and reflected sounds, is the spatial impression in three-dimensional sound field reproduction systems. However, IACC (interaural cross-correlation), which is conventionally used as an objective index to measure LEV, has difficulty in rating the surround sensation as it assumes a time-invariant sound source. In this paper, we propose a new objective index for surround sensation based on differential short-time IACF (interaural cross-correlation function). We evaluated the effectiveness of the proposed method through evaluation experiments.


LEV, surround sensation, IACC, differential short-time IACF, objective index.

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