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Ilkka Uusitalo


Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland


Management development has become a crucial element in the organizations function, and in the lives of their personnel, while working, learning, and developing have become more and more intimately interlinked. In a development-oriented working environment, there is a constant pressure to become “better”, and this necessitates planned, strategic development programs. This paper examines the development of a process- and dialogue-centered approach and its implementation in a hospital environment. The production of information, learning, and professional expertise are seen as strongly dialogic and context-bound processes. During 2010-2011, a project to promote a patient-centered approach in nursing care and organizational reform was carried out at Loimaa Hospital, funded both from the Hospital’s own resources and with the aid of a grant from the Finnish Work Environment Fund. The goals of the development process were: to reinforce the restructuring of services provision in the Hospital’s departments; to support the spontaneously launched peer networking among charge nurses and assistant charge nurses; to model a patient-centered approach by means of mentoring; and to reinforce dialogic team working in pairs on the wards. This paper summarises the project’s findings and describes the principles of the process-centered development.


Process-centered development, dialogue, peer-groups, mentoring Loimaa Hospital (Loimaan aluesairaala)

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Sociology Study, November 2016, Vol. 6, No. 11, 701-705


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