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Sabina Maraffi1 and Francesco Maria Sacerdoti2


1. School of Science and Technology, Department of Geology, University of Camerino, Camerino (MC) 63032, Italy
2. e-voluzione s.r.l., Via Diocleziano 107, Naples 80125, Italy


GeoQuest Project is the design of a new teaching and learning technology based on Computer Class Role Playing Games (RPG) to teach Earth Science in a STEAM educational approach. It ensures interdisciplinarity, multilingual approach (CLIL compliance) and interactive activities in classrooms. This educational game uses students’ personal tablets and smartphones to interact with the game, with a system more comprehensible and funny for young people compared to traditional methodologies. Students are bringing “in situation” by the adventure, so teachers can get a rigorous assessment of their skills. The Game includes several adventure paths, suitable for different age students. They are focused on scientific topics, humanities, hands-on activities in interdisciplinary way. If used conditions do not allow practical or laboratorial activities provided by the game, players can see some videos to understand the activities. Experimental results were outstanding: the RPG appreciation is in agreement with the experiments outcome. This work experience gets excellent feedbacks by teachers, in terms of efficacy of this new teaching methodology and of results achieving.


Science education, education game, education technology, teaching methodologies, STEAM, STEM, earth science.

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