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Hatice Pekmez


Naci Topçuoğlu Vocational School, University of Gaziantep, Gaziantep 27000, Turkey


Cereal grains are stored to preserve the product from storing to consuming without any quality loss. The choice of the most suitable and economical store has great importance on storage period of cereals under consideration of climate conditions, types of grain and transportation facility. The aim of present study was to give information about different cereal storage methods and discuss the most preferable technique for stock keepers. There are five main storage methods for the cereals, i.e., bulk storage, storage in underground pit, storage in bags, storage in sheds and storage in silos. Each has many advantages and disadvantages. Grains are usually preserved as bulk stack in horizontal stores. Nowadays, the storage underground is not preferred in cereal industry. For long-term storage period, cereals are unfavorable when stored as bulk in bags. Location, moisture content and sufficient ventilation are important factors for cereals stored in sheds. The most preferred storage technique in plants is to keep the products in silos. Steel and galvanized silos are the most common ones when compared with the others. In recent years, convention of storage techniques for grains has been advanced with the innovations, such as aeration, refrigerated storage, modified atmospheric storage and hermetic storage systems.


Storage of cereals, bulk, underground, bag, shed, silo.

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