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Vladimir Knapp1, Mario Matijević1, Dubravko Pevec1 and Dinka Lale2


1. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Unska 3, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
2. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Dubrovnik, Ćira Carića 4, Dubrovnik 20000, Croatia


A threat of global warming should convince the public to accept a nuclear fission energy contribution to climate change mitigation, at least for the climate critical years up to 2065. The nuclear fission energy is available now, with proven reactors, such as advanced LWR (light water reactors). Nuclear strategy in this paper outlines a proposal to replace all coal power plants (without carbon and capture storage system) with nuclear power plants in the period 2025-2065. Assuming once through advanced LWR technology, one would need nuclear capacity of 1,600 GW to replace coal power plants in that period. Corresponding reduction of emission would amount to 11.8 Gt of CO2. This energy strategy would reduce carbon emission by approximately 22% in the year 2065 and would be covered by projected uranium resources. An estimation of replacement costs showed that future carbon tax has a considerable potential to offset higher costs of nuclear replacement power.


Global warming, uranium resources, carbon emission, energy strategy.

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