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Cristina Pablos, Javier Marugán, Sandra Cristóbal and Rafael van Grieken


Department of Chemical and Environmental Technology, University Rey Juan Carlos, C/Tulipán s/n, Móstoles (Madrid) 28933, Spain


The absence of efficient tools for preventing bacterial contamination in the meat processing industry as well as for detecting Salmonella positive samples in real time is a matter of concern. Impedance technology has proved its effectiveness as a bacterial quantification tool for research purposes instead of laborious standard plate count, and as a detection tool to substitute tedious current horizontal method ISO 6579:2002. Calibration curves were carried out for S. enteritidis and S. typhimurium in raw pork matrix (R2 > 0.90). Calibrations of mixtures of both strains at different ratio were prepared, showing a high efficiency to differentiate bacterial metabolism. Impediometry was also validated against standard plate count in raw pork samples treated by UV-C illumination to inactivate Salmonella. Even, damaged but still viable bacteria were recorded. Detection of Salmonella by impediometry led to a decrease in false positives, obtaining results within 30 h compared to 72 h in case of conventional method.


Impediometry, S. enteritidis, S. typhimurium, quantification, detection, pork meat. 

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