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Aamer Najim Abbas and Ali Hameed Aziz


Civil Engineering Department, Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad 14150, Iraq


This paper is devoted to investigate experimentally the strength evaluation of normal strength and self-compacting reinforced concrete beams under the effect of impact. The experimental work includes investigating of eight (180 × 250 × 1,200 mm) beam specimens. Three variables are adopted in this paper: tensile reinforcement ratio, type of concrete (NSC (normal strength concrete) or SCC (self-compacting concrete)) and height of falling (dropped) ball (1 m or 2 m). The experimental results indicated that the number of blows increased with increasing of tensile reinforcement ratio and compressive strength by about 35% and 123%, respectively. Maximum mid-span deflection was increased with increasing falling height and decreased with increasing reinforcement ration and concrete compressive strength. The increasing of concrete compressive strength is more effective than increasing of the reinforcement ratio, it appeared that the percentage of increasing exceeds 50%. The ultimate strength is decreased with increasing the falling height for about 34%~44%. 


Normal strength concrete, self-compacting concrete, reinforced concrete beam, impact.

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