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Anna Flávia Arruda Lanna Barreto



This research aims to analyse the contents of Fundo Clamor, located at the Documentation and Scientific Information Centre―CEDIC, from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo—SP, between the years of 1970 and 1992, as well as its contribution to the process of rescuing historical memory of child and teenager abduction, imprisonment, and torture in the course of military dictatorships in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. The methodology used in this descriptive and qualitative research intends to take two directions: a bibliographical and a descriptive analytic documental research. Through the consultation and analysis of documents from Fundo Clamor (correspondence, denunciations, bulletins, and leaflets from Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo, reports, writs of habeas corpus, pieces of reportage, and files from clandestine detention centres and on enforced disappearances), a compilation will be made with information regarding the disappearance of children and the imprisonment and/or abduction of pregnant militants in an attempt to describe the situation of apprehension and incarceration, the historical context, and the repression forces involved in the operation of arrest, kidnapping and/or torture of militants, children, and teenagers. Besides this heritage, a documental research will be made at Terror Archives, the Centre for Documentation and Archives for the Defence of Human Rights (CDyA) of Paraguay Supreme Justice Court, which contains a register of Alfredo Stroessner’s thirty-five-year-long military dictatorship in Paraguay. The main argument in this research states that the archives from the Committee for the Defence of Refugees Human Rights from the Southern Cone, available at Fundo Clamor, contribute significantly to the rescue of historical memory from the dictatorial period and to the achievement of complete citizenship in these countries, considering that Brazil was the protagonist of the National Security Doctrine implantation process in South America.


southern cone dictatorship, human rights, fundo clamor

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