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Sergey V. Vasilev1,2, Anatoly B. Churilov1,2, Olga Y. Prikhodko1,2, Alexander S. Rudy1,2, Nina V. Shekhovtsova3 and Anastasiya Y. Yagushkina3


1. Facilities Sharing Centre "Micro-and Nanostructures Diagnosis", Yaroslavl State University, 14, Sovetskaya street, Yaroslavl, 150000, Russia
2. Yaroslavl Branch of Physics and Technology Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, 21, Universitetskaya street, Yaroslavl, 150007, Russia
3. Department of Biology, Yaroslavl State University, 14, Sovetskaya street, Yaroslavl, 150000, Russia


These are the results of the further research of nanoparticles which were extracted from the Vorotilovskaya deep scientific well. The morphology and phase composition of these nanoparticles were examined using scanning and transmission electron microscopy. The phase composition of the nanoparticles and its changes during their evolution were identified and traced using the electron diffraction method. Based on these results it is concluded that the nanoparticles belong to a class of self-replicating mineral complexes known as “calcifying nanoparticles”. These nanoparticles in two months has changed their morphology and phase composition from Ca2Fe(PO4)2(OH)·H2O and Mg(NH4)8(P3O10)2·8H2O to CaCO3 (aragonite).


Calcifying nanoparticles, scanning and transmission electron microscopy.

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